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CCE List References — Archive

The CCE List contains citations from the following documents and tools. These citations are pointers to the specific sections of the documents or tools in which the configuration issue is described in detail. Refer to the CCE List to review the CCE entries to which they apply.

CIS W2K Server Level 2 Benchmark v2.2.1

DISA Gold Disk Check Name for W2K

DISA Gold Disk for WXP

NSA Security Guide for WXP

CIS WXP Pro Benchmark v1.3

CIS WXP Pro Benchmark v2.01

CIS WXP Pro Benchmark v2.01 OVAL

NIST 800-68 Windows XP PDF

NIST 800-68 Windows XP XCCDF

NIST 800-68 Windows XP OVAL

Microsoft Security Guide for Windows Server 2003

Center for Internet Security Windows Server 2003

DISA Stig for Windows 2003




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