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CCE Submissions

Building the CCE List is a community effort. This page provides a CCE Schema and CCE Submission Template by which members of the information security community can submit properly formatted CCE entries (also called "CCEs") to the CCE Content Team so they can be reviewed, have CCE Identifiers (CCE-IDs) assigned, and be published on the CCE List for use by the community.

Submission Template

The "CCE_Template.xls" template file for submitting content to the CCE List is available in the Downloads section below. An overview of the template is described below.


CCE content consists of at least five fields:

CCE ID A pseudorandom identifier tag issued by MITRE at the time of publication. This field may be left blank by the content provider.
CCE Description A humanly understandable description of the configuration control. This description describes the control and allows an analyst to quickly and accurately recognize an entry.
CCE Parameters Parameters that would need to be specified in order to implement a CCE on a system.
CCE Technical Mechanisms For any given configuration issue there may be one or more ways to implement the desired result.
References Each CCE has a set of references from published configuration guidance documents such as the NSA Security Guides, the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks, and the DISA STIGs. Authoritative vendor documentation such as Microsoft’s Security Compliance Manager represents acceptable reference material as well. References begin in column F. The Heading of the reference column defines the source of the reference. If there are multiple reference sources, each should have a separate reference column with that appropriate heading.

Excel Spreadsheet Tab Name

Please put the name of the platform in this tab.

Saving the Template

Please rename the template with the name and revision number of the platform that you are submitting, for example: "cce-Platform_Group_Name_RevNo.5.xls".

Submitting the Template

Please submit your content submission in the filled-out template to the CCE Team per the instructions in the Submit Content for Consideration section of the CCE Submission Guidelines document.

You may also contact us at with any questions or comments about the form or the overall submission process.

Additional Resources for Content Submission

For additional information on preparing and submitting CCE content, please refer to the following:


CCE Schema

The CCE Schema provides a syntax for CCE content submissions and is available in the Downloads section below.




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